Building wealth really is an art and does carry many scientific principals along the way. For example: The most commonly used “Retirement Planning” tool in the country is the 401K plan. What if we told you that there was absolutely no long term tax benefits with this plan like you have probably been told? And that because of the structure of the plan itself, you could actually be walking into a tax nightmare when you plan to use the money. Well, in most cases, this is TRUE! What if, through the use of the company match you could achieve 4-7% rates of return without risk in your 401K while reducing your overall fees as well? But people keep doing the same thing over and over. Why? Because this is what we are taught by the “Financial Institutions” and the government. You see, in case you were not aware of this, ordinary income at retirement can simply help your social security to become taxable. The question is who truly benefits here? The principal here is this: “Money is not math, and math is not Money.” Robert Castiglione

If you follow the masses, you will achieve what the masses achieve. Remember the definition of “Insanity”.

What if together we could :

  • Provide winning “Cash Flow” strategies that keep “Taxes, Risk, and Fees” in mind when looking at today and the end goal in mind
  • Identify and eliminate wealth eroding factors that could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wealth
  • Increase the amount of money you will have over your lifetime
  • Reduce or eliminate taxes in retirement
  • Give you better accessibility to your money for other opportunities that may come up
  • Lower your financial costs
  • Provide maximum protection over your estate, with the least amount of cost
  • Minimize risk and maximize reward
  • Provide you with a better understanding of how your money is working for you
  • Provide organization of your financial documents and plans
  • Provide the tools that compare financial strategies to one another
  • Show you ways to have tax advantaged income at retirement without locking your money up in “Qualified Plans”

     The Ideal Plan:

  1. Create the optimal wealth possible within your personal financial life, without room for failure. (Lowering Risk Exposure)
  2. Have the ability to spend and enjoy the optimal wealth without fear of ever running out of money or benefits.
  3. Pass on the optimal amount of wealth to your family and/or favorite charity as opposed to other people, such as the government, financial institutions, or medical facilities.
  4. The plan design: Have a carefully thought out, step by step process, that will achieve the “Ideal Plan” under any circumstances.

Our Strategic Tax Planning Process

McCright Financial Group can work in conjunction with your CPA, or we are able to make a strong recommendation for a CPA from our trusted advisor network. Each client’s solution is unique and different, which is why integrating the right tax strategies can be such an important step in your success. This can mean hundreds of thousands saved over your lifetime.