Private Funding Concept

Building a Private Reserve — (“The Infinite Banking Concept”)

In one’s quest for financial freedom and refuge from financial volatility, exposure, or taxation, we have found that more and more individuals and businesses are creating their own private source for funding. This is apart from the public banking institutions and you are in control. This strategy is becoming a very effective and sought after addition to one’s overall financial plan.

McCright Financial Group approaches every client’s situation differently because we all have our own unique set of circumstances and desires. The “Infinite Banking” concept is a planning tool that can unlock multiple doors for added opportunities. This can mean adding hundreds of thousands in additional wealth, and/or saving hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions in taxes over your lifetime.

As we move forward in our working relationship, together, we will decide if this concept is the right fit for your personal situation.

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Private Funding Source Features

  • Tax Deferred Growth
  • Tax Exempt Access to Funds
  • Non-Reportable Income
  • Competitive Returns
  • Asset Protection
  • Compounding of Interest
  • Asset Protected From Losses
  • Liquidity, Use & Control
  • High Contribution Limits
  • Estate Planning Provisions
  • Portal For Other Financial Opportunities

Sample Private Funding Scenario

Sample Client: Male Age 45

Annual Allocation: $20,000

Cash Account Yr 10: $206,459

Cash Account @65: $521,819

Tax Exempt Income Starting at Age 65: $21,000 (Equal to $30,000 compared at a 30% tax rate)

Cumulative Income at Age 85 $420,000 tax exempt (No social security taxes affiliated with this income)

$600,000 compared at a 30% tax rate

Cash Account at @85: $265,000