First Meeting   (The Discovery)

This is our introduction to the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process™ and Truth Concepts.  I will describe the Confidential Questionnaire, which is the first step in providing you with a personal financial engineering analysis. This questionnaire is designed to be easy and quick to complete.  The completed questionnaire along with associated financial documents will be needed prior to the next meeting.

Second Meeting   (Identify)

Using the completed questionnaire along with the needed financial documents you have provided, we will discuss your current financial profile along with your long and short term objectives and desires. This is conducted in interview fashion.

Third Meeting   (Visualize)

Using the information provided from your questionnaire and documents from our second meeting, I will present the results of my analysis that will map your financial future for Protection, Savings, Growth, Cash Flow, and your Debt Structure.  We will first discuss your present financial situation and then work with your future situation.

Fourth Meeting   (Implementation)

From the results of the model and our discussions, we will begin implementing the strategies we have agreed to that will aim to maximize wealth creation and preservation. Often this is done while decreasing your overall risk exposure and using current dollars that are moving as opposed to adding additional out of pocket cost.

Regularly Scheduled Meetings   (Achieve)

I will meet with you on a regular basis to review and modify the plan when necessary to reflect any changes in your financial status. When changes are necessary, I will make sure your plan will be implemented accordingly.

Achieving the maximum results takes time, passion, and the right team of coaches put into place. McCright Financial Group works with carefully chosen outside advisors who specialize in their own field of the wealth building process. Your information is never provided to any other needed advisor without your knowledge and expressed permission to do so.



Our Strategy Model