Professional Alliances

Over the years, I have met several people in the financial industry that I have learned to trust and admire for the work they do for their clients. These are professionals in the areas of accounting, personal and business banking, money management, estate planning, real estate, mortgages, business planning and development, marketing and PR, and several others.  I have built a referral alliance with these individuals and their businesses so I can offer these added benefits to my own clients when needed. Because of this, my clients now have the ability to have all aspects of their financial planning needs taken care of by a carefully thought out and chosen team of coaches. Maximum Success is established by having a Strategic Process and the right team of people, not simply by Products alone. The financial products we purchase must adhere to a structured plan in order to achieve the maximum benefit from them. This can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in recovered wealth and benefits.

Your personal information is never given to another advisor unless their services are needed and McCright Financial Group has your written consent to do so.

Our sole intent is to make the relationships you already have established come alive, and work better for you.  It is not to simply replace your trusted advisors with new ones, unless it is needed and desired.