The Game Board


At McCright Financial Group, we use a model to track all aspects of one’s personal financial life.  Our model is broken down into four basic file cabinets:

Protection, Savings, Growth
, and Debt.

All four of these elements in one’s financial life must constantly be in view to make sure that they are working harmoniously together. This is “Macro-Economics”. The model works very similar to a”Blueprint” like an architect would use. It allows for your objectives to always be present, the resources available to apply to your objectives, and how your overall progress is going, through reviews. It is our “Game strategy imageBoard”, and the heart of why our clients enjoy continually working with us.

     Benefits from using the model:
  • Integration and Coordination of your assets working together for better efficiency and effectiveness of your money at work.
  • Better Protection and Integrity of the overall plan itself.
  • A Clear Vision of your strategies working together as a whole VS looking at one asset at a time or through a microscope.
  • Financial Strategies are easier to see, compose, and implement.
  • You can develop an Abundance Mindset instead of living through Scarcity.
  • Provides for both Offensive and Defensive Strategies.


Overall, our model is what we use to provide our clients with clarity, direction, and the education needed to make sound financial decisions for themselves and their families.